Support for the Art Handlers Bill of Rights

The undersigned lend their support in demanding fair and equitable labor
conditions for Art Handlers in the greater cultural economy.

Click here to sign this statement in support of the Art Handlers Alliance Bill of Rights.
You can also join us or ask to be listed by sending your name and affiliation
to arthandlersalliance [at] gmail [dot] com.

*If you wish to sign anonymously, please write “CONFIDENTIAL” in the subject line of your email.


[last updated 29 March, 12:00am EST]

  1. Benjamin Ferguson, Art Handler /
  2. Julian Tysh, Organizer & Political Coordinator, Teamsters Local 814
  3. James Whitman, Picture Framer
  4. Stephen Sewell, Artist / Art Handler / Educator
  5. Clynton Lowry, Artist / Art Handler,
  6. Adam Overton, Art Worker / Union Organizer
  7. Janet Owen DriggsArtist & Educator
  8. Asher Hartman, Artist / Lecturer
  9. Simon Leung, Artist
  10. Sara Daleiden, Artist,
  11. Jessica Lawless, Artist / Union Organizer
  12. Robby Herbst, Artist,
  13. Neal Vandenbergh, Adjunct Professor / Freelance Art Handler / Door Guy
  14. Anonymous, Preparator, New York, NY
  15. Chloe Seibert, Artist, Art Handler
  16. Sarah Williams, Arts Organizer,
  17. Sarah Rara, Artist,
  18. Kate Durbin, Artist / Writer / Professor
  19. Lydia Hicks, Filmmaker,
  20. Antonio Serna, Cultural Worker,
  21. Nancy Popp, Artist / Educator,
  22. Jenaba Kamara, Organizer
  23. Lise Soskolne, Artist 
  24. Peter Walsh, Artist,
  25. Blithe Riley, Artist / Organizer
  26. Robert McDonald, Artist, Archivist
  27. Anonymous, Artist, Santa Ana, CA
  28. Sarah Titheridge, Art Technician,
  29. Gloria Velandia Ludmer, Art Conservator
  30. Drew Gilmore, Owner, Workshop Fine Art,
  31. Shane Caffrey, Art Handler / Founder of the Art Handling Olympics
  32. ANONYMOUS, Art Handler, Los Angeles, CA
  33. Noah Landfield, Artist / Art Handler,
  34. Noah Hyleck, Crate Maker
  35. Anonymous, Director of Logistics, London, UK
  36. Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Art Historian, Brooklyn, New York, 
  37. Ian Waelder, Artist, Barcelona, Spain,
  38. Rob Smith, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  39. James Adelman, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  40. Anonymous, Collection Management, New York, NY
  41. Working Artists and the Greater Economy, Artist
  42. Hayes Mauro, Art historian, Sunnyside, New York
  43. Katja PraznikAssistant Professor,Buffalo, NY,
  44. Carl Lawrence, Artist, Seattle, WA, 
  45. Elise Rasmussen, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  46. Mary Clinton, Organizer, Brooklyn, NY
  47. Bryce Dwyer, Editor, Los Angeles, CA
  48. Lizzie Homersham, Writer / Editor, Brooklyn, New York
  49. Lorraine Henning, Retired Social Worker, Eau Claire, WI
  50. Abbey Sarver, Art Handler, Los Angeles, CA
  51. Nick Latini, Art Handler,New York, NY 
  52. Emma Hedditch, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  53. Anonymous, Playwright, Los Altos, CA
  54. Anonymous, Art Handler, Brooklyn, NY
  55. Celia Rocha, Graduate student, Mission Viejo, CA
  56. Anonymous, Art Handler, Paris, FR
  57. Vlatka Horvat, Artist, London, UK
  58. Anonymous, Arts Management – Administrator, Buffalo, NY
  59. Jose Rodriguez, Fine Art Handler, Bronx, NY
  60. Ian Christopher, Preparator, SupervisorElmira Heights, NY
  61. Michael Killackey, Private Gallery Manager, Las Vegas, NV
  62. Abigail Levine, ArtistBrooklyn, NY, 
  63. Britton Bertran, Admirer / Lecturer / Cultural Worker, Chicago, IL,
  64. Adam Lavigne, Lead Preparator, Winter Park, FL
  65. Anonymous, Artist, Bellman, Brooklyn, NY
  66. Matthew Tegel, PreparatorSt. Catharines, Ontario, Canada,
  67. Harry Burke, Assistant Curator, New York, NY, 
  68. Anonymous, Gallery Director, Elmira, NY
  69. Diane Conlon, Instructor/Painter, Newport, RI
  70. Anonymous, Arts Administrator, Brooklyn, NY
  71. Erik Genalo, Museum Technician/Art Handler, Utica, NY, 
  72. Max Dana, Arts Administrator/Programmer,Brooklyn, NY,
  73. Andrew Goodrich, Preparator, Maine
  74. Kit Merritt, Head Technician, New York, NY
  75. Mark Walhimer, Exhibition Designer, New York, NY, 
  76. Dushko Petrovich, Artist, Chicago, IL
  77. Anonymous, Curator, Muskegon, MI
  78. Steve Robinson, Artist/Designer, New York, NY
  79. John Goldstein, Community Organizer, Newark, NJ
  80. David Court, Artist, New York, NY
  81. Lisa Yuskavage, Painter, New York, NY,
  82. Anonymous, Art Handler, New York, NY
  83. Yael Danieli, Psychologist, Collector, New York, NY
  84. Goran Maric, Artist, Wylie, TX
  85. David Hunt, WriterDavis, CA
  86. Ryan Sullivan, Art Handler, New York, NY
  87. Jose E Hernandez, SRI Fine Art Services, NY and NJ
  88. Paul Wepprecht, Art Handler, New York, NY
  89. João Enxuto, Art Worker, New York, NY
  90. Harry Magee, Mover, Queens, NY
  91. Alex Fogt, Art Handler, New York, NY
  92. Tauba Auerbach, Artist, New York, NY
  93. Laura Hunt, Artist, Archivist, New York, NY
  94. Jeff Amato, ArtistNew York, NY
  95. Jason Denholm, Artist / Former Art Handler / Cultural Worker, Tucson, AZ
  96. Anonymous, Artist, NY, NY
  97. Caitlin Keogh, Artist, New York, NY
  98. Peter Coffin, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  99. Corinne Jones, Artist, New York, NY
  100. Andy Coolquitt, Artist, Austin, TX, 
  101. Katia Santibanez, Artist, New York, NY
  102. Sterling Allen, Artist and Educator, Austin, TX
  103. Lisa Bateman, Artist, NY, NY
  104. Eileen Quinlan, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
  105. Rebecca Lewis, Union Organizer, Washington, DC
  106. Anonymous, Independent Curator, Cultural Manager, New York, NY
  107. Miles Huston, Artist, Brooklyn, NY, 
  108. Anonymous, Art Handler, Brooklyn, NY
  109. Marina Vishmidt, Writer, London, UK
  110. Celeste FichterArtist, Brooklyn, NY
  111. Marti CormandArtist, Brooklyn, NY
  112. Sarah Bush, Artist, West New York, NJ,
  113. Maggie Mannell, Electrician, Austin, TX
  114. Ted CareyArtist/ Preparator ,Austin, TX, 
  115. Anonymous, Art Student, New Jersey
  116. Seth Orion Schwaiger, Artist, Curator, Critic, Austin, TX, 
  117. O.K. Fox, Independent Contractor, Queens, NY
  118. Jenny Ghetti, Artist’s Assistant, Red Hook, NY
  119. AnonymousArtist’s Assistant, Goshen, CT
  120. Sarah Wang, Artist, New York, NY,
  121. Robert Costello, Art Handler/Photographer, New York, NY